Dana Rettke - U.S. National Team


Q: Dana Rettke (above) has had a rare summer experience for a college junior, playing and training with the U.S. National Team, competing around the world. How will that experience impact her as a player and how do you plan to manage her workload early on?

A. SHEFFIELD: “She was challenged in every way. You’re traveling all over the world and playing with and against some of the best players in our sport. I think there are times when that really builds your confidence and there are times when you’re like, ‘My goodness, I can’t get my hands on any ball, I can’t get a kill.’ It toughens you up. If you can keep your head above water, you come out stronger on the back side. I think she was able to do that.

“We want to make sure she has enough juice in the tank for the season, so she’s had last week off and we’re giving her the first few days of preseason off. We want her champing at the bit. So I want to make sure I give her ample amount of time to recharge and then build her back into what we’re doing.”


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