Kelly Sheffield

Q. This is a program with high aspirations every season. What are realistic aspirations for this year’s team?

A. KELLY SHEFFIELD (above): “There’s no question we want to take the next step. Every one of these players wants to take the next step. We’ve been knocking on the door quite a bit and I think a goal is a Big Ten title; a goal is to get to the Final Four and you want to put yourself in position where you’re playing that last match and trying to win the first national championship in Wisconsin history. I think those are reasonable goals.

“There are different goals that we have. There is an end of the road that we put out there. It’s like if you’re driving to Florida, you know where you’re going. But the attention is on the drive there, on the journey. So this is where we’re trying to go, but there are so many goals that happen along the way that are very present, so that becomes where our attention is.”


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