Grace Loberg

Wisconsin's Grace Loberg (21) tries to block the shot of Pepperdine's Alli O’Harra (7) in the first game. The Wisconsin Badgers hosted Pepperdine University in the second round of the NCAA tournament in the Field House Friday Nov. 30, 2018. STEVE APPS, STATE JOURNAL

Q: With Molly Haggerty, Grace Loberg (above) and Madison Duello you have experienced, accomplished pin hitters. But with the departure of Mariah Whalen and injuries to freshmen Courtney Gorum and Liz Gregorski, there isn’t much depth there. What are your contingency plans?

A. SHEFFIELD: “We don’t have depth in the middle either. We’ll be fine. Staying healthy is going to be important but we have some flexibility. Before she hurt her elbow, Nicole (Shanahan) was looking really good and she’s an option in the middle or on the right. We’ve got the option of moving Duello over to the left if need be.

“With the development of Mallory (Dixon) and where Izzy (Ashburn) is as a setter, if one of them has to come in and run a 5-1 with Sydney (Hilley) on the right side, we have some options. We can put Danielle (Hart) on the right and Nicole in the middle as well.”


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