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Cards were thrown, challenges were made and the intensity to win took over the second half of the Missouri-vs.-LSU soccer match Friday.

Missouri tied LSU 1-1.

LSU scored its goal in the first half, but it took Missouri took a little bit longer to get on the board.

Senior Bella Alessi pushed one past the goalkeeper in the first two minutes of the second half, resulting in a goal for the Missouri Tigers.

“All I had to do was run onto it and play it underneath the goalkeeper,” Alessi said.

Missouri kept up the intensity in the overtime with four shots on goal. LSU had no shots on goal during overtime.

“They have no quit,” coach Bryan Blitz said. ... “I appreciate that, and I think that will pay off for us going forward.”

Missouri held its senior night after the game.

“They are amazing, to deal with horrible racial injustice and then just the pandemic,” Blitz said, speaking on the senior class. “Since March, those seniors have been leading our group.”

The team plays at 6:30 p.m. next Saturday at Mississippi State.

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